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Our Mission

The Community Reentry Project (CRP) provides transitional services including goal planning, career development services, and cognitive behavioral education to adult Denver residents recently released from the Denver County Jail (DCJ) for their successful reintegration back into the community.


The CRP is a program of the City and County of Denver's Crime Prevention and Control Commission (CPCC). Reentry work in Denver is a collaborative process between the Denver County Jail management, its reentry staff, and community-based providers all working to connect participants transitioning from jail with supportive skills, resources, and relationships to promote positive involvement and safety in the Denver community.

Effective Service Delivery

The Department of Safety works to maximize public safety and service delivery through a variety of means, including the use of research and development. Housed in the Manager of Safety's office, the Crime Prevention and Control Commission (CPCC) uses data and measurement tools to analyze and assess the department's programs, determine the return on investment, and identify opportunities for improvement.

In addition, CPCC works to improve data efficiency, integrity, and access throughout the entire criminal justice system, including the courts and state judicial. The CPCC analyzes data to better understand gaps, barriers, and inefficiencies, and to develop and implement alternatives. Their work has helped improve system efficiency and address system impacts on victims, offenders, and the community.

Read more about the CPCC here.

Culturally Responsive Delivery

The CRP serves offenders facing barriers compounded by issues of race, gender, poverty, addiction, unemployment, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender expression, and health status. CRP incorporates culturally responsive, evidence-based practices proven effective with the adult reentry population, including using validated assessment results to match programming intensity with clients' risks and needs.